Windows: who installed the program?

Self-tutoring about Windows 7: the tutor shares an exploration.

I’ve been busy lately, but today I’m more talkative, so I’ll begin a story.

A software update panel appeared on this PC sometime in January. It promised a long licence agreement, which I didn’t crave reading then. It’s not a program I know anyone here uses, so deciding about the update wasn’t a priority.

Yesterday, that box appeared again: the program won’t be ignored.

Perhaps someone needs this program? I decided to find who installed it; here’s how:

  1. First, in Control Panel, the programs list also shows when each was installed. Note it.
  2. Back at the Start menu, key in event viewer.
  3. From there, select Windows logs, then Application
  4. You might see a list of thousands of log entries. However, the event id for an install is 11707. You’ll need to find 11707 on the install date you found from Control Panel. Clicking that line in the log, a summary will show including which program was installed, by which user.

This technique only shows the user who installed it, not necessarily the person.

I’ll follow up:)


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