Apps: OneNote

Self-tutoring about apps: the tutor mentions a story.

The other day I made a purchase online from a laptop. “Please print the receipt,” I was told at the end.

Clearly, I was expected to click the PRINT button, but of course the computer wasn’t connected to a printer.

I thought for a minute, then decided that, with all the facilities of computers nowadays, this one would have a way to handle the situation. I clicked PRINT, wondering what would happen.

A notification appeared, asking me where, in OneNote, I wanted to save a copy of the receipt that would have been printed. I didn’t even know what OneNote was, so I told it to save right on the intro page, which it did.

Today, around two weeks since, I went on OneNote: there was the receipt, just where OneNote had left it. I wondered what format it was, which turned out to be PNG, I guess. Anyway, I copied and pasted it to a folder on the laptop.

I always say that apps have so many features, it’s easy to get distracted. Yet sometimes, an app can rescue you.

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