Author: Jack

Bird watching: red winged blackbird

Self-tutoring about birds: the tutor mentions an encounter Back on September 5, 2017, I mention looking at a goose across a lake in Nanaimo. At the same place this morning, I noticed a red winged blackbird. I heard the bird

Social studies: the generations, part 0

Self-tutoring about the generations we commonly encounter: the tutor begins…. As a tutor, I’ve worked with Baby Boomers (b. ’46 to ’64), GenXers (b. ’65 to ’76), Millennials (b. ’77 to ’95), and Centennials (b. ’96 →). What are some

Botany: amaryllis

Self-tutoring about plants and flowers: the tutor mentions an encounter with amaryllis. In early June, exploring a campus, I arrived at a crossroads for its various paths. There, in a raised box, bloomed an arresting red flower. Internet research suggests

Baking: how to melt chocolate chips

Self-tutoring about baking: the tutor wonders about the best way to melt chocolate chips. I wondered which way was better – stovetop method vs microwave – to melt chocolate chips. Apparently microwave wins. Source: YouTube: America’s Test Kitchen

Spelling: I was skeptical…but was I sceptical?

Self-tutoring about spelling: the tutor had his doubts in one case…. I read the word “sceptical” with surprise. One of the word processing programs I use doesn’t like it either. Yet, Webster’s Dictionary and Oxford Canadian Dictionary agree: sceptic is

Weather: precipitation so far this year, relative to normal, in Campbell River, BC

Self-tutoring about weather: the tutor checks the relative precipitation for Campbell River so far in 2019. The weather has been beautiful in Campbell River this year, but perhaps a little dry. Our recent rain has been much appreciated. How much

Health and fitness: body fat, part 0

Self-tutoring about health and fitness: the tutor begins about body fat. My older son is a weight trainer who has an image of how an ideal body looks. He often talks about body fat: “I want to decrease my body

Sports: why is Pittsburgh baseball team called the Pirates?

Self-tutoring about American sports history: the tutor looks up how the Pittsburgh Pirates came to be so-called. In my experience, sports people are clever in subtle ways. Therefore, I was sure the name Pirates would have an interesting story behind

Biology: mast and masting, part II

Self-tutoring about mast and masting: the tutor revisits it. Back in my post from Aug 26, 2016, I mention mast and masting: mast being fruit produced by forest trees, and masting being their rhythmic production of it. A concept of

Bird identification: red crossbill

Self-tutoring about birds: the tutor gives commentary. Yesterday I spent about five hours in the yard, catching up on chores. Early on, I heard a flushing sound, but couldn’t place it. Yet, it was energetic: I wondered why I could