Author: Jack

Autos: tire wear bars

Self-tutoring about tires: the tutor continues about them. Yesterday, wondering if the summer tires would be good for another season, I discovered “tire wear bars” on the internet. Tire wear bars, apparently, run across the tire, in the grooves. The

Tires: recommended tread depth

Self-tutoring about autos: the tutor mentions some ideas. I’m looking into changing the tires back to the summer ones; we don’t do mountain driving, and it seems the winter season is withdrawing here. Yet, a question came to me: can

Religion: does God know the future?

Self-tutoring about religion: the tutor examines a notion. Often, talking about the future, you may hear someone say, “God knows.” Yet, does God know the future? In Genesis 3.9, God asks, “Where are you?” to Adam and Eve. When Adam

Business: what is a gilt?

Self-tutoring about investment instruments: the tutor finds a definition for gilt. A gilt is a type of UK government bond.

Health: COVID-19 symptom(s) vs cold or flu

Self-tutoring about coronavirus: the tutor looks into specific symptoms. Since COVID-19 seems to have arrived during cold/flu season, an obvious question is, “If a person is sick, then do they have COVID-19 or just ‘the flu’ or a cold?” From

History: what is a telephone “party line?”

Self-tutoring about lifestyle history: the tutor mentions the idea of a party line. I was at an apartment in the late ’80s where the resident said she had a “party line.” I didn’t know what she meant, but didn’t ask.

English: recalcitrant

Self-tutoring about vocabulary: the tutor mentions recalcitrant. recalcitrant (adj): defiant of authority or duty. Hilariously, as a kid, I was called recalcitrant by someone who truly was. Perhaps it “takes one to know one:)” I hear recalcitrant rarely nowadays. Source:

Biology: extinct, extirpated, and extant

Self-tutoring about biological terms: the tutor mentions definitions of three related ones. extinct: no longer existing anywhere. extirpated: no longer existing in a place it used to. However, it still does exist elsewhere. extant: existing. The trees and birds you

Behaviour: cats and cars

Self-tutoring about animal behaviour: the tutor makes an observation connected with a long-ago memory. Many years ago I overheard someone discussing various animals’ behaviour as they would cross the highway. “Cats, if they see a car coming, always turn around

Lifestyle during the ***demic: the tutor comments

Self-tutoring with a snapshot of life right now: the tutor relates. I went grocery shopping a while back. You can read my post about it here. Around noon today, I returned to the grocery store. Only able-bodied people were about.