Astrology: what is the Sagittarian temperament?

Tutoring, you meet so many new people. The tutor shares some facts he discovered about Sagittarians, whose time in the calendar is now.

Birth November 22 to December 21 indicates Sagittarius. I’ve recently met a few, and also realized that a few people I already know are Sagittarians. If astrology is to be believed, what might we expect about them?

According to astrology, Sagittarians are wanderers, both in body and in mind. They love to travel and they love to philosophize. They love to be happy and can be intolerant of people or routines that might inhibit their free spirit.

Sagittarians may have the weakness of overextending themselves, since they want to enjoy as much of life as they can. They can lack the patience to be tactful.

(A tendency to be too honest can perhaps be witnessed in people of other signs, as well.)


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