Bird watching: raven vs crow

Self-tutoring about birds: the tutor mentions ravens and crows.

Maybe 10 days ago, out walking, I heard some crows making a fuss. They were on the ground nearby, maybe eight of them, but I couldn’t tell what the fuss was about.

Suddenly some took flight. The last one to do so was bigger than the others, with a noticeably larger beak. I realized it must be a raven – the others, crows. Then I noticed its distinctly shaped tail.

I’ve heard the crow’s tail is a fan, while the raven’s is a wedge. I agree with the crow’s being a fan. The raven’s is different in that, from its broadest line, it doesn’t curve outwards; rather, it’s triangular outwards. Behind the bird, the crow’s tail is a smooth curve, while the raven’s comes to a point.

People mention that the raven is typically bigger than the crow, but that’s not always easy to judge. Here are some other differences that can help:

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