Bird watching: varied thrush, part II

Self-tutoring about seasonal lifestyle: the tutor mentions an observation.

Before the cold and snow that dominated last week, I felt spring pushing up like new shoots. Once or twice, out in the yard, I heard the birds singing: perhaps they, too, felt spring’s approach.

This morning, having dropped my kids at school, I climbed from the car to hear a long, single-note call. Perhaps 30 seconds later, it repeated, insistently: this bird would not be ignored. It called invisibly from high trees across the street, at least 100 feet away.

The description of the bird’s call “struck a note” with me. Checking the internet, then my earlier posts, I recognized the caller as a varied thrush.

Still cold from nighttime, the morning was bright and clear; this varied thrush dominated the soundscape with its beautiful call. It filled me with optimism.


Birds Inc.

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