Botany: amaryllis

Self-tutoring about plants and flowers: the tutor mentions an encounter with amaryllis.

In early June, exploring a campus, I arrived at a crossroads for its various paths. There, in a raised box, bloomed an arresting red flower. Internet research suggests to me the flower must be an amaryllis. Its bloom could have been 10 inches across. It looked tropical – beautiful, but surprising to see here.

A week ago, at the same spot, I saw the bloom again. I was plunged into reminiscence of meeting it a month earlier, but then suspected it wasn’t the same bloom, but instead one planted in the same spot, later.

My reading suggests the feasibility of such a premise: amaryllis is reputed to be easy to bring to flower any time, if conditions are proper. Perhaps here, amaryllis would need fresh planting each year, in warm spring conditions.


Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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