Botany: dawn redwood, part II

Self-tutoring about dawn redwoods: the tutor shares some ideas about identifying them.

In my past two posts, here and here, I discuss dawn redwoods, their particular story, and their presence nearby.

When studying one, you notice its needles don’t appear stiff, but rather soft. They appear in two opposite rows, giving a flat appearance. Furthermore, the branches occur opposite each other. Not only the rows of needles, but the individual needles themselves, grow in opposite pairs. The cones I observed are green, small, round, and plated, similar to alligator skin. Dawn redwoods are deciduous conifers, and one of the two I’ve observed is turning reddish-brown.

The dawn redwoods I’m talking about stand at the west side of a local school yard. As I recall, their trunks are not in the school yard, but just outside it. However, the branches reach over the fence. The trees are both large – between 50 and 100 feet tall.

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