Calculator usage: finding the derivative with the Sharp EL-520W

The tutor shares how to find the derivative with the Sharp EL-520W.

To my knowledge, the Sharp EL-520W won’t give the symbolic derivative. Rather (as you’d likely expect anyway), it evaluates a function’s derivative at the x value the user provides. For instance:

Example 1: Find the value of the derivative of 5x3 – 2x when x=7.


  1. Press ON/C to clear the calculator.
  2. Enter the function by keying 5 ALPHA RCL x3 – 2 ALPHA RCL
  3. Key in 2ndF ∫dx
  4. The calculator responds with X? For this case, we key in 7, then =
  5. The calculator now asks the size of dx. I just press = again.
  6. Hopefully d/dx= 733 appears.

I think you’ll agree that calculating a derivative is easy with the SHARP EL-520W.

Make sure, if you’re evaluating a trig derivative, you’re set to rads! (2nd . to change trig mode:)

I’ll be expanding on this topic in future posts:)


Sharp Scientific Calculator Model EL-520W Operation Manual.

Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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