Canadian culture: where did I learn to move Power Point slides to Movie Maker?

Self-tutoring about Canadians: the tutor mentions a video he found.

Multimedia is something I’ve had to brush up on. How does one transfer Power Point slides into Movie Maker? I found this video.

The video starts, apparently, with about 15 seconds’ footage from Hockey Night in Canada. Then, GOLEAFSGO690 starts explaining how to transfer a Power Point slide to Movie Maker while Rush plays in the background. At 1:33 he’s done, after saying, “Thank-you. Goodbye.”

I’ve a strong suspicion that GOLEAFSGO690 is Canadian. With an election coming up, I find myself reflecting a little more about Canada and Canadians.

For me, GOLEAFSGO690’s video about transferring a Power Point slide to Movie Maker was very helpful:)

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