Canadian geography: Prince Edward Island, part 1

Self-tutoring about Canadian geography: the tutor researches and reminisces….

I lived in PEI from ’76 to ’80. It’s a unique place, famous for potatoes, lobster, and its red soil. I saw lots of all three when I lived there as a child.

There are no mountains in PEI; its highest point is 459 feet (140m). The land isn’t necessarily flat; it’s gently rolling, you might say. I recall, on my bike as a kid, riding up hills that seemed pretty steep, and long.

PEI has the highest population density of any province in Canada, yet the smallest total population. Its biggest city is Charlottetown, with about 36000 residents. The island total is about 143000.

PEI’s population might have been around 120000 when I left (1980), so it’s grown by around 20% since then. During that same period, Canada’s population has grown from 24 million to about 37.5 million, which is an increase of 56%.

I hope to discuss PEI more in future posts:)


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