Books: optical illusions

The tutor shares a recent observation.

Last weekend, at a large retail centre, I noticed a book of optical illusions. After leafing through it, noticing a few fairly convincing ones, I put it in our cart; it was only $6, after all. Moreover, I sensed there might be a post associated with it.

The book is a coloring book, although you can certainly enjoy its illusions without doing so. The next morning, before I had time to look at it, my 13-year-old had pulled out one of the illusions (they’re perforated) and was colouring it.

Anything that will inspire a kid to colour is, in my opinion, good for that reason alone. Those illusions obviously appeal to people in a compelling way. While some are, to me, more impressive than others, my thirteen-year-old has coloured a few that I wouldn’t have said were exceptional.

I’m very pleased I bought that book:)


Just ADD Color OPTICAL ILLUSIONS. New York: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc.,

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