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Notepad++: using regular expression to search and replace

Self-tutoring about Notepad++: the tutor mentions using regular expressions. Regular expressions can be used in Notepad++ Search and Replace. For instance, suppose you want to change the variable names test2 test39 test991 to test_2 test_39 test_991 . In Notepad++, such

Text editors: Notepad++, part 1: copy current line shortcut

Self-tutoring about computer science apps: the tutor mentions a trick. In my experience, the shortcut to copy current line, Notepad++: Crtl+Shift+X The version of Notepad++ I use is v7.5.9 Source:

Text editors: Notepad++: how to retrieve the cursor

Self-tutoring about Notepad++: the tutor mentions a way to restore the cursor. Once or twice, while using Notepad++, I’ve had the cursor disappear. Last time, I retrieved it by going Settings→Preferences→Editing→Caret Settings, then setting Width to Block. Source: