Local parks: Lazo Wildlife Park

The tutor shares a couple of observations from a day’s visit.

With my family I visited Lazo Wildlife Park (see the CVRD’s description here) for a little sightseeing. It’s not in our backyard, and the description promised some scenery not common where we usually go.

Of course, I had a specific motive: finding more western white pine trees, which I’ve mentioned in a recent post.

At the entrance to the park, some lodgepole pines are in evidence, but not western whites. We began along a trail that led us under the high canopy. We never finished any of the trails we started; I’d guess the park has at least 10 km of them. Apparently western white pines stand along a ridge in the park, but we never got there. In fact, we never saw a western white pine in the park.

My wife suggested we drive the proximal roads in case there were western white pines nearby. As it turns out, there are several. Much of the area, it appears, is old sand dunes. How that has happened I’m not sure; the land, it seems, is rising.

I’ll be talking more about local parks in future posts:)

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