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Linear algebra: projecting a vector along another one, matrix method.

The tutor shows an example of a projection from one dimension into another. Let’s imagine we have the vector v 3 2 0 which we want to project in the direction of w 3 -1 0 The projection matrix, Pw,

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Linear algebra: cofactors, signed minors

The tutor defines cofactor (aka signed minor) with an example. In my post from Nov 24, 2014 I tell how to evaluate a determinant by hand. Example: Evaluate the determinant of matrix A: 1 0 -7 0 2 1 3

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Spreadsheets: finding the determinant of a matrix using Excel

The tutor tells how to have Excel evaluate a determinant for you. Here’s how: Key in your matrix values. Let’s imagine you use the range a1:d4. Select a cell away from the range, let’s say f6. Key in =mdeterm(a1:d4) then

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