School Spirit: The Carihi Parent Drive Thru

Having kids in school leads to new experiences. The tutor shares about some tutoring he received in school spirit – along with a hot cup of coffee – from the Carihi Parent Drive Thru.

I confess that, when I was a kid, I didn’t have school spirit. Rather, I just focused on academics, which of course aren’t school specific. I was from a military family, so we moved often: I attended many schools, but connected with none.

My kids, by contrast, have always lived in Campbell River. Over the years I’ve spent time at their schools, attending functions or just helping them bring things to or from their lockers. Reading posters in the halls, and listening to the teachers and principals, I get the message: “School spirit is important. Students need to connect with their school, not just come here.”

This morning, dropping my son off at Carihi like usual, I noticed some students with green hoodies at a table with a sign: CARIHI PARENT DRIVE THRU. One ran over to me; I rolled down my window. While not verbatim, the conversation might have been as follows:

STUDENT (smiling): Good morning. Welcome to the Carihi Parent Drive Thru. We have muffins, coffees…all FREE for parents.
ME: Why am I being offered a free coffee?
STUDENT: For driving your kid to school.
ME: Well, in that case, yes. I’ll have a black coffee, please.

My son, who had departed the car, leaned back in: “See, Dad? You get rewarded for being a good person.”

Next moment, the kind Carihi student was handing me a coffee.

“Thanks so much,” I smiled.

“Have a good day,” she waved.

Pulling into the exit lane, I could barely believe what had just happened. What a delightful experience!

I drove to Phoenix to drop off my other son. The coffee from the Carihi Parent Drive Thru was good stuff. (I’m picky about coffee, so was impressed:) Somehow, the day seemed brighter – full of promise.

From out of the blue, those Carihi students showed me the meaning of school spirit. Thanks:)

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