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Web design: y=sinx from jsDraw2DX

The tutor shows how to produce a graph of sinx on a web page using jsDraw2DX. I’ve mentioned jsDraw2DX in a couple of posts (here and here). For producing a graph of sinx, the basic construct is var singraph =

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Web Design: graphics: Outlined Text with jsDraw2DX

The tutor continues about the graphics library jsDraw2DX: how to use it for outlined text. To accomplish the effect above one might proceed something like this: <div id=”grph” style=”position:relative; height:330px;width:410px; background-color:navy; border-style:solid;border-color:brown; border-width:2px”></div> <script src=”dir_where_jsDraw2DX_resides/jsDraw2DX.js”></script> <script> var gr0=new jxGraphics(document.getElementById(“grph”)); var

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