Comp sci: non-recursive inorder traversal: a resource

Self-tutoring about comp sci and internet resources: the tutor mentions a discovery.

The right resource is key to solving a problem. Finding a good one, therefore, can be crucial.

This morning, researching the non-recursive inorder traversal idea, I found a great resource – Vivekanand Khyade, Algorithm Every Day.

Vivekanand is a great instructor, in my opinion. Some key observations:

  • His explanation is concise and easy to understand, yet the problem it solves is complex.
  • He keeps the whiteboard visible and maintains contact with the viewer.
  • He uses the space of the whiteboard very effectively.
  • He’s wearing a similar shirt to the one I wore yesterday.

For his great explanation and presentation I think Vivekanand Khyade deserves recognition. I much appreciate his tutorial about the non-recursive inorder traversal.

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