Devices: Samsung Galaxy S2 won’t start

Self-tutoring about devices: the tutor mentions the Samsung Galaxy S2 and how he was able to turn one back on when it wouldn’t.

My wife bought a Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet maybe around five years ago. She has happily used it ever since: my wife uses her devices a lot. Usually I find out when one’s not working, but I’ve never heard of trouble with that tablet.

Yesterday, however, my wife mentioned it wouldn’t turn on. I asked how old it is…she estimated about five years. I’ve heard that if you get four years of constant use out of a device, you’ve done all right, so I was prepared for the idea it would need to be replaced. When she left, however, I researched online if there would be a way to bring it back to life.

Within a couple of minutes I found Chris Boylan, whose 5-minute video gives numerous potential fixes. The second one he mentions – holding the “on” switch together with the “volume down” switch for about 20 seconds – worked for me. I watched the rest of the video for more of his tips.

Why such a fix would work is obviously intriguing, but when someone needs to use their device, the only matter is what does work. My wife’s tablet seems to be fine ever since.

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