Do you use your agenda?

Self-tutoring in psychology: the tutor reflects about organizational habits.

My wife and I use a common agenda to coordinate schedules, including the kids’ activities. It’s used not only to remind us, but just as much to prevent double-bookings.

When my thirteen-year-old brought his school supplies home last week, he left them on the dining-room table. In solitude, I examined his 2017-2018 agenda.

His name is written on the front, by my wife. Inside he makes one entry: “Lecture”, printed for Tuesday, September 12.

My son’s year was successful…he obviously didn’t need to use his agenda beyond that single entry. All those empty pages, those empty boxes that represent days he spent at school, offer mysteries of what actually happened.

I don’t use organizers nearly to the extent of some people, yet in some contexts they can suddenly be very important. Hence, I will be happy to provide him with an agenda for the coming year, whether he needs it or not. I need to provide it to him, because it will represent another year with so many days which may, individually, need organization.

As for his agenda from this year, empty but for one word, and dated 2017-2018…I’ll keep it:)

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