Election 2021: Voting

Self-tutoring about the current election and advance voting: the tutor relates…

My 19-yr-old son is interested in this election. Yesterday was his first chance ever to vote, and he seized it. So doing, he mobilized my wife and me as well: he thinks it’s important to be heard.

Around 6:30pm we drove a couple of miles away to the advance polling station. We joined a short line outside. Within two minutes we were asked first name and phone number for contact tracing purposes (voluntary to give it). Next, we were ushered in.

I wondered, with Covid, if voting would be difficult – not at all. A friendly elections officer brought my wife and I where we needed to go. (We had voter cards; my son did not.) We were done, and ready to leave, in six minutes.

Meanwhile, I guess my son had to register; as we were leaving, he was in the line-up to vote. We knew where he had to go, so we sent him there and waited for him. A short few minutes later, we were all leaving.

The elections staff were so friendly and helpful, they made voting last night a very pleasant experience. Democracy is alive and well, here in Canada — let’s keep it that way:)

Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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