Electronic lifestyle: saving files in Downloads

Self-tutoring about using institutional computers: the tutor mentions a habit he’s developed.

I’ve been using an institutional computer the past few weeks. When I got it, no personal files seemed on it. Either they are purged when a user returns it or its previous users always knew to use the Cloud or thumb drives.

Yet, sometimes having a file local to the device is advantageous. Wanting such, I paused: where should I store the file(s) on the device? I settled on the Downloads folder.

Not an obvious choice at first, the Downloads folder seemed a good option because it’s easy to recall and to clear later on if needed. I even wondered if the Downloads folder would sustain being used like an ordinary directory, but it seems to work fine.

It seems to me that, when one has access to a local app and also an online version, it’s easier to use the local app on local files.

Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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