English: what is a verbal?

Tutoring English, you need to be on your toes.  The tutor is glad he found this term before he was asked about it:)

English is different from the other school subjects in one key way:  the student probably learns more about it outside school than at school.  Very likely, a person might use a certain construction without knowing the theory behind it.

Today I discovered the term verbal.  A verbal is a verb that is being used as a noun, adjective, or adverb.  Some examples:

I love his cooking.   Noun: his cooking is being referred to as the object of someone’s appreciation.

Looking worn, he met us outside the exam room.   Adjective: the verb to look, used in looking worn, is being used to describe a person.

He tried to draw the face.   Adverb: the verb to draw is being used to explain the action of “tried”.

I confess that, waking up this morning, I had never heard the word verbal. Now we know:)

Thanks for stopping by on this beautiful day. Cheers:)

Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

Source: Harbrace Handbook for Canadians, 6th edition. 2003: Nelson Education Ltd.

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