Everyday comedy: the other lane

Self-tutoring about everyday comedy: the tutor mentions the other lane.

Walking home today as usual, I reached a crosswalk in a school zone where I typically cross the street. The near lane was free, although in the distance I could see a police car approaching. It was far enough away that it wouldn’t need to slow down for me – especially since this crosswalk is in a 30km/h zone.

Meanwhile, in the far lane, a car was approaching from a distance as well. At 30km/h, it would barely have had to slow down for me, if at all. This car, however, was driving much faster than 30km/h. Rather than slowing down, however, its driver instead chose to speed up so to clear the far lane before I ever got there, which it did. It was likely going about 60km/h – in the 30km/h zone, remember – as it whizzed by about 8 feet in front of me.

The driver of the police car I mentioned earlier – they must have observed this all happen. Regardless, they didn’t react.

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