Excel: Analysis ToolPak

Tutoring spreadsheets, you might get asked about add-ins. The tutor mentions the Excel Analysis ToolPak add-in.

As I understand, Excel add-ins are extra tools that are available with Excel but not installed unless requested.

I installed the Analysis ToolPak add-in today. More or less, this is how I did so (Excel 2007):

  1. Click the top-left Office button (the four colored squares in a circle), then Excel Options, then Add-Ins.
  2. There are many add-ins displayed; the top one says Analysis ToolPak, and I select it.
  3. Near the bottom is the word Manage, with a menu beside it. Making sure Excel Add-ins is selected, I click Go.
  4. Now a check-box list appears. I check the box beside Analysis ToolPak and click OK.
  5. At this point a dialogue pops up asking if I want to install the Analysis ToolPak. I click Yes.

I installed the Analysis ToolPak because it offers a number of functions, including making a histogram. I’ll tell more about it in future posts:)




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