Holidays: Christmas Eve, 2019

Self-tutoring about holidays: the tutor sends his greetings…

Happy holidays, everyone. On Christmas Eve, I want to share some history.

My mother’s parents ended up in a little town in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. For retail, the town might have been sparse by today’s standards, but did have a drugstore, as all little towns seemed to back then.

Home from university, my mother and her brother would drink tea together Christmas Eve afternoon, planning their “Christmas shopping”. It was one-stop: the drugstore.

Ironically, I’m not sure they always got on very well in everyday life. Yet, Christmas Eve they shared the understanding they would go shopping together. Perhaps around 2pm they would set out for the store, perhaps 3/4 of a mile away.

The aisles of that drugstore never failed to deliver treasures. At times, the two would separate to buy each others’ gifts, then reunite to discuss the others’. They would find gifts for everyone there, within the few hours of shopping before Christmas. Back at home just after dark, they would wrap.

To this day, I like to Christmas-shop at drugstores. I continued the tradition this evening.

Merry Christmas, everyone:)

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