Internet security: closing browser after logout, part 1

Self-tutoring about internet security: the tutor continues about closing the browser after logging out.

I begin in yesterday’s post about closing the browser after logging out, which numerous sites seem to encourage now.

A relevant question seems to be, “Does closing the browser automatically end your session?” I’d argue the answer is no, not necessarily. While I’m no expert on the subject, experience as well as research suggest that a session can persist after the browser closes. Not everyone necessarily agrees with me, however, and perhaps which browser is being used can change what happens.

The scenario imagined here is that the user logs out but perhaps forgets to do so for every open tab at the site of login. As I mention in yesterday’s post, some sites will still allow access through the tabs where logout hasn’t happened, even if logout has happened at another one. Then, closing the browser after logout disrupts the user context: if someone else sits down to the computer, they don’t see open tabs. Theoretically, they could check your history, then return to the site where you’ve been logged in. Therefore, logging out from all relevant tabs seems important.

I plan to continue about the true effect of closing the browser after logout.


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