Lifestyle: holiday events: before or after the day?

Self-tutoring about holidays: the tutor philosophizes about when their events might be held.

A couple of days ago I drove by a sign advertising a Valentine’s dance:

Valentine’s DanceSaturday February 16

Immediately I was charmed by the message, because of its obvious compromise: the Saturday after Valentine’s Day, as opposed to the day itself, February 14, which this year is a Thursday.

A question I’ve often wondered about: “Should the party be held the weekend before, or after its actual holiday when that day happens during the work week?”

More and more I prefer the idea of holding the event the weekend after its holiday. My reasoning is that, when the party is held a few days past its holiday, so are its good feelings. Perhaps, by extension, the happy meaning of that day might vibrate longer still, given the precedent of being held over.

Therefore, I agree with the notion of holding the dance the 16th rather than the 9th.

Furthermore, the theme of Valentine’s Day should endure throughout the year, wouldn’t one hope?

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