Lifestyle: the Hydro bill

The tutor investigates higher household usage over last year.

For Nov11-Jan11, our daily household usage this year was 6kWh above last year. My wife points to the new electric fireplace downstairs as the culprit. More specifically, she means that it’s been left on while people weren’t in the room. (The people who left it on would be the culprits.)

To be sure, late December through early January was cold: the first week back to school, snow still lay around from December 23. Around here, cold temperatures sustaining that long are rare.

The heat from the electric fireplace was needed anyway. The fan, however, doesn’t produce heat, but just circulates it. I’ve looked around and suspect, from, that the fan might use 120W (0.12kW). Left on 14 hours per day, it would use 0.12kWx14h=1.68kWh. That’s more than 25% of the 6kWh per day over what we used last year.

Where the other three quarters went, I’ll continue to investigate:)

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