Networks: when one remembers you but it’s changed

Self-tutoring about computer skills: the tutor tells about logging onto a network whose password has changed.

What follows is how I remember the situation. For anyone facing it, the idea might be helpful.

I was trying to get online with a network the laptop has been on before, but whose password has changed. I wondered what the laptop would do.

After a couple of minutes (it seemed a long time), the laptop came back with a message that it couldn’t log on to the network. It didn’t tell why, just that it couldn’t.

I tried again, hoping that it would ask for the new password, but it didn’t. It just said, once again, that it couldn’t log on.

I went to the list of networks and selected the one I was trying to get on. Then, instead of clicking Connect, I clicked Cancel.

I returned to the list of networks, selecting the one I’d just cancelled. Since I’d cancelled it (I’m guessing), the computer treated it as a fresh network, so of course prompted me for the password, which I gave and got online. All good.


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