Politics, investing and the pandemic: Leon Cooperman’s idea

Self-tutoring about the pandemic: the tutor mentions Leon Cooperman.

Leon Cooperman is a billionaire who was born into a working class family. He made his money investing, or managing investment portfolios. I’d say, therefore, that he has a good record of predicting the future.

Cooperman says that the coronavirus problem might be solved earlier than many fear. He imagines that, with so many people working on it, from all different parts of the world, there could be results in June. He admits that’s his “pure guess,” but obviously Mr. Cooperman has guessed right before.

Governments have to be conservative in their predictions, because they can’t predict human ingenuity. Who predicted the iPhone, for instance, or Android? Yet, they happened. Perhaps an equally ingenious response to COVID-19 is almost upon us.




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