Python: ‘batteries included’

Self-tutoring about Python, but also life: the tutor reflects….

I’ve been working on a second degree the past couple of years. I’m done now, but for a work experience course. I’ll share more about that in coming posts.

One language my Comp Sci courses didn’t focus on much is, somewhat ironically, Python. Industry loves it, but only one half of one course I took concentrated on Python; that course was split between Python and C#.

The upshot is that now, looking for work, I have to learn Python myself, since that’s what so many workplaces want. It’s not a problem; it’s just how it is.

Python is a lovable language – likely the friendliest I’ve encountered. Moreover, it follows a ‘batteries included’ (I didn’t originate that phrase, relative to Python; everyone says it) mindset: functions you might need are almost all easily available via the import command.

Yes, the batteries are included, but you have to put them in. Today I wanted to reload a module, but first had to import the import library (no joke):

import importlib

Python — you’ve got to love it:)


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