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Math: simplifying decimal radicals

Tutoring high school math, you see this a few times each semester.  The tutor shows an example. Suppose you get asked a question like the following: Example: Simplify √(0.225) Unless you have one of those new-style calculators, perhaps the WriteView

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Math: simplifying a fifth root

Tutoring high school math, radicals are prominent.  The tutor offers an example of simplifying a higher radical. I’ve written a number of articles on simplifying radicals. I won’t encumber this one with a list of the previous ones, but you

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Math: simplifying fractions with radicals

Tutoring high school math, you work with radicals.  The tutor discusses simplifying fractions with radicals. I’ve written several articles about working with radicals; you’ll find them by keying “radicals” in the search box. Ones that might be helpful towards this

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Math: Simplifying a radical (aka root) expression

For this math tutor, the end-of-semester rush is about to end. Tutoring for exam prep, you tend to return to those “messy” problems students would rather avoid…. Radical expressions are among the most difficult topics in high school math. Let’s

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Math: the fourth root of 80

Questions about roots – especially higher order ones – are commonly asked during math tutoring.  The tutor offers a quick example.   Example: simplify 4√(80) Step 1: Realize that 80=16(5). Therefore, 4√(80)=4√(16)4√(5) Step 2: Realize that the reason we break

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Math: multiplying radicals

Tutoring high school math, you realize that radicals are a problem for many. Today the math tutor gives brief coverage of multiplying radicals. Consider the following example: Simplify 3√(6)*4√(7) Multiplying with radicals goes “number times number, radical times radical.” Like

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