Top level domains: choosing one, part 1

Self-tutoring about website planning and presence: the tutor mentions some top level domain considerations.

If a person is looking to start a website, they likely need a domain name. The one here is, of course, It’s got two components: the second level domain, which is oracletutoring, and the top level domain (aka tld), which is ca. The dot acts as a separator between the second level domain and the tld.

Often, people refer to the top level domain by including the dot in front: for instance, someone might say their website is a “dot com” or a “.com” in conversation or writing.

Some top level domains are reserved for certain entities: .gov, for instance, is for government entities in the US. As I mention in yesterday’s post, you need demonstrable connection to Ireland to register a .ie domain name.

Yet, many top level domains, such as .net or .com, are open to anyone. There are some others that are new to me: .coffee, for instance. Which reminds me….


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