Traveling: the morning promenade

Self-tutoring about traveling lifestyle: the tutor mentions a custom.

I seldom travel, but when I do, I enjoy the infrastructure there. One of my favourite ways to experience it is a morning promenade.

Often, a hotel will have self-serve coffee in the lobby, which I love to go grab. Then, I explore the main floor, looking at the empty conference rooms, the shops not yet open, etc.

At a convention hotel, perhaps surprising is the capacity of the main floor. Its wide hallways, appointed with many couches, easy chairs, and coffee tables, invite the solitary guest in the quiet morning. Often there are numerous large conference rooms whose scale is easy to contemplate when they are deserted.

Walking the lobby in the early morning reminds me of exploring a civilization somehow deserted. Of course, it’s only temporarily so….

Coffee time might eventually end: for instance, it might run 6am to 8am. Suddenly people arrive, checking out or in. I return to the room, the fanciful morning promenade over – for today….

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