Web design: Color considerations

Self-tutoring about web design: the tutor reads a fact too surprising not to share.

Recently, an email arrived from Max Chekalov of DesignAdvisor. As I understand, DesignAdvisor researches the web design market to inform companies which web designers might best suit their needs.

Max mentioned he’d noticed some of my content online, and asked me if I’d be interested to look at an article at DesignAdvisor about color and the psychology of web shoppers.

The article is packed with information. One tantalizing example:

For 84.7% of consumers, color is the main reason for buying a particular product.

-Raj Vardhman, designadvisor

I looked at a few other articles on DesignAdvisor’s blogroll as well. From what I’ve seen, if I were a F/T web designer, they’d be top of my reading list.

Great to hear from you, Max!



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