What is real? -part II: cryptozoology

Self-tutoring about reality and awareness: the tutor explores a concept about cryptozoology.

As I understand, cryptozoology seeks to describe animals not accepted by mainstream science. “Not accepted” is perhaps open to interpretation.

Years ago, I would walk a thin patch of forest with my kids. With so many houses nearby, I doubted anything large could be found there. When I saw, on a couple of occasions, large mounds of black scat, I wondered, but decided it couldn’t be from a bear. The scat ceased to appear that year, confirming my suspicions(?).

The following year, in springtime, the scat reappeared with growing frequency. What could be causing it? I continued to wonder.

Late one July afternoon, my kids and I were there again. I pointed to a disturbance in some bushes; unexpectedly, they ran ahead of me to investigate. I was on higher ground.

As my kids neared the bushes, I saw a black bear rise from within them. I shouted, “Get back, there’s a bear!” I could see the bear’s face; its expression seemed one of surprise, rather than fury.

Perhaps it thought humans don’t exist in those woods.




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