Windows command prompt: when a folder doesn’t show

Self-tutoring about Windows file management: the tutor shares a story.

Today, having downloaded some files, I opened command prompt (cmd) to copy them to different locations, etc. The copy and paste file management on this computer isn’t reliable.

I opened one directory to find only one inside, yet I knew, from Windows Explorer, that two were there. Was the other directory hidden? No. Moreover, if I entered cd thatdirectory the command prompt let me enter it. Yet, the command prompt would not show it in its parent. What could be the cause?

From what I’ve been able to discover, the directory that wouldn’t display wasn’t hidden, but was, for some reason, attributed as a “system” directory. I entered attrib -s that_dir and indeed, at dir, it did show in the list. However, if I then entered attrib +s that_dir, then dir, it once again didn’t.

I hope to follow up, since my discoveries raise more questions.


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