Yard work, outdoor living: attracting snakes to your yard

Self-tutoring about yard management and snakes: the tutor mentions a great find.

When the kids were younger, I spent more time out in the yard, because they played out there. Perhaps for that reason, I used to see snakes in the yard more often. I don’t think I saw one this summer or last. However, one crossed the driveway yesterday, which reassured me.

I’ve heard that snakes and frogs are good indicators of a healthy ecosystem, so having them around is a good sign. Seeing the handsome tan garter snake cross the driveway yesterday, I wondered what, in particular, attracts garter snakes to a yard.

Tonight I decided to look up the issue and discovered this very entertaining video from Southern Living on YouTube. Being hilarious, it brings up some very useful ideas, not only about snakes, in a delightfully ironic way.

One interesting point the video makes is that pet food – in particular, dog or cat food that’s left outside – is a key resource for rodents. If there are rats in a given yard but the owner doesn’t know why, very often it’s because they are eating pet food from a neighbouring yard.

The video is very useful for explaining to homeowners how they may be attracting snakes unknowingly. At the same time, it’s very entertaining.

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