A Grave Affair: Oct 26 Halloween party

Self-tutoring about parties and music: the tutor shares about last Saturday night.

I attended A Grave Affair on October 26, 2019. It was a Halloween party hosted by CR Head Injury and was a lot of fun.

My wife and I, with another couple, went as Dorothy, Straw Man, Lion, and Tin Man. Dorothy and Straw Man won for best couples’ costumes.

There was a table of appies which was refilled. I only had some veggies from it, since I’m on a diet. People returned for multiple helpings, however, so they must’ve been good.

Alannah Clark and Band played live music. They have a distinct style sometimes reminiscent of Tom Petty. I love Fleetwood Mac, but I’d say Alannah and Band performed “Rhiannon” even better than the original.

Everyone came in costume and it was a great time. We left around 11pm. I will watch for other parties hosted by CR Head Injury because A Grave Affair was so much fun.




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