Academic habits: cramming

Self-tutoring about study habits: the tutor mentions cramming.

In my opinion, studying is best done day by day throughout a course. It’s not an original opinion; it’s one I heard countless times as a student. Moreover, I’ve experienced success from it myself.

One reason, in my opinion, that day-by-day studying works is that, doing so, you’ll likely end up spending much more time on a course than if you just try to cram. However, perhaps the more important advantage of daily studying is that the material develops in your mind once you’ve absorbed it. The longer it percolates, the better your understanding will be. The human mind adapts gradually.

My experience is that cramming can work, but only on top of daily studying. You might have numerous courses going on and you might once have known the first few chapters of a given one, but vaguely recall them now. Yet, if you did know them before, cramming can bring them back, quite effectively. Such is my experience.


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