Baking: sponge cake

Self-tutoring about baking: the tutor mentions sponge cake.

Back in the 70s you heard about sponge cake; I seldom hear it mentioned today. However, a few days back, I wanted to make strawberry short cake. I knew that the “cake” in strawberry shortcake is sponge, so I had to discover how to make it.

This very helpful video, hosted by possibly the most beautiful lady I’ve ever seen, shows how to make sponge cake. I can’t believe how simple it is: I’ve made the recipe twice during the past four days.

I confess that I don’t even do everything the video suggests: I don’t sift the flour, nor do I distribute it over three separate additions. I just mix the baking powder and flower in a small bowl with a fork, then toss it in after the eggs, sugar, and vanilla are beaten.

I’m sure the results will be even better if you do everything the video suggests, but I’m not the connoisseur that the host is: from my point of view, the sponge cake turned out perfect both times I made it.

One point the host makes in the video is that, to be sure the cake is done, it needs to be really golden brown on top – that’s how you know its structure is developed inside. If the structure isn’t mature, the cake can fall when you take it out from the oven.

I don’t recall what her baking instructions are, but I tend to bake cakes at 325F, pretty much no matter what. So I did with this sponge cake recipe, and watched for the golden brown color. With the oven I use, it took about 30 minutes – maybe 32 – to bake. That’s when the rich golden brown color was apparent. The cake remained firm.

Best of luck with this recipe. With only five ingredients, it’s the easiest cake recipe I know.

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