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Baking: leaven, leavener, or leavening?

Self-tutoring about baking terms: the tutor focuses on three that may all point to one meaning. I hear about baking soda or baking powder being leavening agents, or “leaveners”. My wife calls them that, as do numerous online resources. The

Baking: brownies: eggs

Self-tutoring about baking: the tutor mentions a lesson he learned. Sometimes I make brownies from scratch, sometimes from a box mix. Last night it was box – yes, Betty Crocker. I noticed, in small print, a suggestion: to make the

Baking: how to melt chocolate chips

Self-tutoring about baking: the tutor wonders about the best way to melt chocolate chips. I wondered which way was better – stovetop method vs microwave – to melt chocolate chips. Apparently microwave wins. Source: YouTube: America’s Test Kitchen

Lifestyle: morning baking: cornbread

Self-tutoring about lifestyle: the tutor mentions a breakfast food he enjoys. Lately I’ve been thinking that I’ve forgotten about a recipe I used to make. Last night I realized cornbread was it. I’ve made it, but not often enough. I

Baking: how to know when dough is sufficiently kneaded

Self-tutoring about baking: the tutor mentions a question he hadn’t thought about. I have heard and read that kneading dough takes around 8-10 minutes. I’ve always just done so. Yet, is there a way to know when you’ve kneaded the

Baking: red velvet cake, part II

Self-tutoring about baking: the tutor follows up about his attempt at red velvet cake. On February 8 I talk about red velvet cake and my decision to make it. My wife arrived as I was blending the icing. Seeing the

Baking: red velvet cake

Self-tutoring about baking: the tutor nears fulfillment of a long held curiosity. I first heard of red velvet cake possibly on Master Chef. Since then, I notice it often. I assume it must be something special. I heard tell that

Baking: why dark metal pans need less heat

Self-tutoring about baking: the tutor shares a fact he picked up about baking pans. I’ve seen baking instructions that mention one temp for glass or shiny metal pan, but 25°F less for dark pan. But why? Apparently, it’s the dark

Sticky dough: possible cause and solution, part II

Self-tutoring about baking: the tutor follows up on the idea of sticky dough. Back in my post on July 21, I mention dough being to sticky to work: it stuck to my hands so I couldn’t knead it. The same

Dough too sticky – what to do?

Self-tutoring about baking: the tutor mentions a problem he sometimes encounters, with possible workarounds. This morning, making scones, the dough was too sticky to work with – it wouldn’t let go my hands. I wondered what to do, and added