Calculator usage: scientific notation and float notation on the amazing Staples BD-6108 Scientific Calculator

Tutoring high school math, calculators are always interesting. The tutor mentions a new favourite: the Staples BD-6108 Scientific Calculator.

Toggling between float (aka ‘normal’) display vs scientific notation, the Staples BD-6108 Scientific Calculator delivers.

Let’s imagine you want to convert 0.000297 to scientific notation. Here’s how, on the Staples BD-6108:

  1. First, key MODE then 1, which is the mode for everyday decimal calculations.
  2. Next, key 0.000297, then press =
  3. Press INV then the decimal point (which has SCI written above).
  4. To toggle back to normal (FLOAT) notation, just press INV then 0 (which has FLO written above).



BD-6108 Owner’s Manual.

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