How to compress a folder or file using 7-Zip, and why you might need to

Self-tutoring about computer skills: the tutor mentions compression using 7-Zip

Here are the steps:

  1. Open 7-Zip.
  2. In the navigation box, find the file or folder you want to compress, then select it with the mouse.
  3. Click Add. A menu box appears with many choices. I select zip for the Archive format and normal for the compression. Leaving everything else as is, I click OK.

One reason compression to zip format might be needed is that some transfer modes will move files, but not folders. In my experience, a file manager can be that way. My understanding is that when 7-Zip compresses a folder to zip format, a file is produced. At the other end, the zip file can be re-inflated, or extracted, or however you see it, back into the folder it was.

There’s a great video to watch about how to use 7-Zip here.

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