Calculator usage: the ENG feature on the Casio fx-991ES PLUS C

Tutoring math, calculator features are always topical. The tutor mentions the ENG function on the Casio fx-991ES PLUS C.

Back in my Halloween, 2015 post, I explain the general idea of the ENG function – that engineers and technicians often like to refer to measurements in “thousand” groupings. For instance, 1249W is 1.249kW; 0.067A is 67mA.

Example: convert 0.78A to mA

  1. Key 0.78 = (you must press = for this to work)
  2. Press ENG: hopefully you see 780×10-3

Example: convert 1249W to kW.

Solution: to go up to the bigger unit, use SHIFT ENG, like so:

  1. Key 1249 = (once again, you must press =)
  2. Press SHIFT then ENG. Hopefully you see 1.249×103


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