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Math, engineering, trades: steepness measurement: definition of grade

Tutoring math, you encounter grade. The tutor discusses its definition and why it might be surprising. Grade is defined as 100%*(vertical/horizontal). In the above diagram, it would be as follows: grade=100%*(rise/run). By itself, rise/run is called slope. Therefore, grade=100%*slope What

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Calculator usage: the ENG feature on the Casio fx-991ES PLUS C

Tutoring math, calculator features are always topical. The tutor mentions the ENG function on the Casio fx-991ES PLUS C. Back in my Halloween, 2015 post, I explain the general idea of the ENG function – that engineers and technicians often

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AC Electricity, electronics: series high-pass filter

The tutor gives background along with a basic explanation of how a high-pass filter works. A high-pass filter will send along high frequency signals but block low frequencies. It can do so because the impedance, Xc, of a capacitor of

Calculator usage, physics: εο: permittivity of free space constant on the Sharp el-520w

The tutor tells how to access the built-in εο constant on the Sharp el-520w. The Sharp el-520w has 52 built-in constants relating to physics, chemistry, etc. Here’s how to call up εο, which has value 8.85×10-12: Press the CNST key,

Physical chemistry: efficiency of internal combustion engine in hot vs cold weather

The tutor examines the idea that internal combustion engines are more efficient in cold weather. An upper limit for efficiency of an internal combustion engine is eff = (Tcombust – Tsurrounding)/Tcombust where Tcombust is the temp of the combustion cylinder

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Lifestyle: toy repair with J-B Weld, part II

The tutor continues about a toy repair, with some reinforcement ideas. While we were repairing the toy a few nights ago (see my previous post), my father-in-law suggested that, after the first repair cured, a second application should be considered

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Calculator usage: The ENG function on the Casio fx-260solar

The tutor explains his recent understanding of a function he’s wondered about. I’ve noticed the ENG function on more than one calculator, but have never used it. I’ve always assumed it means “engineering”; since I’m not one, it makes sense

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