Canadian culture: Eight Seconds: “Kiss You (when it’s dangerous)”

Self-tutoring about Canadian culture: the tutor mentions a song he continues to enjoy.

“Kiss You (when it’s dangerous)” came out around ’85, as I remember, having seen it on CBC’s Video Hits show. Samantha Taylor mentioned the band – Eight Seconds – were from Ottawa.

Music videos were an experimental medium back then, often competing with the song for attention. Therefore, I saw many videos, but sometimes forgot their songs.

“Kiss You (when it’s dangerous)” is a catchy song that continued to revisit me, in the 90s, from the radio. I’d be driving – often alone – when it would start with the keyboard, bass, and drums. The fullness of its beginning would seize me – “What’s that song?” I would wonder. Then I’d realize: “Kiss You (when it’s dangerous)” by Eight Seconds, from ’85. By then, it was 15 years – or more – since.

Reaching the YouTube era, I looked for “Kiss You (when it’s dangerous)” and found it easily. I was excited to revisit the video – and song – from over twenty years earlier.

I’ll follow up about the video.


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