Canadian culture: Jane Siberry: One More Colour

Self-tutoring about Canadian culture: the tutor reflects on a memorable Canadian 80s hit.

Jane Siberry is a Canadian music artist. Perhaps she began in ’81 or before, but I know of her because of a single hit from the 1980s: “One More Colour” from her 1985 album The Speckless Sky.

I remember hearing “One More Colour” when I was fifteen. It called me back to a childhood that I’d glimpsed, but was losing. Its lyrics hint at life in Canada:

A basket of apples by the back door, beneath the sweater pegs
The autumn leaves lift along the street….

-Jane Siberry, “One More Colour”

“One More Colour”‘s dreamy, bouncy melody draws the listener into contemplation. It’s catchy, yet intriguing – I can’t think of a similar song. Underneath, Jane starts by asking, “Is it lasting?”

“One More Colour”‘s meaning seems difficult for me to decode, while its tone seems to ask, “Why worry?” It’s mysterious, yet somehow reassuring.

I can’t recall any of my friends mentioning “One More Colour”, yet I saw the video on TV. Truly, I think it’s catchier than some 80s hits that receive more attention.

That part of my life passed quickly, but I never forgot “One More Colour”, half of whose video I caught on my way out to catch the bus when I was a kid of fifteen. I knew I must, eventually, listen to the whole song. Now, thanks to the internet, you can, too:)



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