Canadian fauna: voles, moles, and shrews: an introduction

Self-tutoring about some mouse-like outdoor creatures which aren’t mice: the tutor looks into preliminaries concerning voles, moles, and shrews.


Shrews eat meat – chiefly invertebrates – and hunt above ground mainly at night. An adult might be around 10cm, including tail. I’ve seen many dead ones, but never one that big. One key feature of the shrew is a long, pointed snout.


Moles also eat meat – mainly invertebrates, but possibly small animals – they encounter digging. They spend almost all their time underground. Their front paws are like big hands with prominent claws. My understanding is that you’d rarely see a mole, but you can see where it entered the ground.


Voles eat plant matter. They may eat stems and/or roots, but seem to prefer fruit and seeds. They forage above ground, where signs of them can be easy to notice. Unlike moles and shrews, voles are rodents.


Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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